File Box – (P-FB)

A File Box to organize your A4’s. Simple design that has been efficient for years and still more years to come. Japanese hemp symbol printed all over like the fabric of space-time.

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  • SHIVCraft has a range of hemp paper products both for personal & professional use in retail and bulk orders of over 100 pcs.
  • SHIVCraft hemp paper products are handcrafted with artisan paper made of 70% Cannabis fiber and 30% Nettle fiber.
  • Nepal has a well established handmade paper industry for the past over 2 generations of artisans. The industry specializes in making Nettle fiber paper to process into paper. It used to be used extensively by the Govt. of Nepal and export with advancement in the cannabis industry.
  • The Cannabis fibers are provided to various cottage industries as a raw material; supporting the existing industry to thrive.
  • The hemp fiber is processed in the industrial belt in the southern part of Nepal, generating employment in Dhanusha district – having highest rate of migrant workers in Nepal.
  • All hemp paper products can be screen printed, painted with design of your choice.
  • SHIV-Craft offers realization of your designs & ideas into real hemp paper-based products made from hemp fibers.
  • Please contact us for price quotes and queries.
Weight 0.347 kg
Dimensions 31 × 25 × 6 cm


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