We realize your designs & ideas into products made from hemp fiber.

A Rugged & Versatile Material

In 2016, we started the decortication of the hemp stalks into clean long fibers, short fibers and shivs.

We support the local fabric, rope, paper, carpet, insulation, furnishing, construction industries need for natural hemp fiber.

Professional & Utilitarian

We specialize in sampling & manufacturing professional & utilitarian products from Nepalese hemp fiber and handmade fabric.

We only do custom manufacturing and love to make new products and improvising existing ones everyday.

Our every produce has a memorable story behind it. We enrich our products with contribution from local artisans and craftsmen. Read more …

We specialize in white label, branding of textile and fiber products for businesses, conferences, corporate gifting etc… Contact us for your custom requirements.

20x Recyclable​

SHIV provides high quality hemp fibers to the local paper industry to produce a wide range of hemp paper and its products.

Home Furnishing​

We provide the ingredients to fill your sofa and yarns to weave your carpets. Keeping the house warm with fiber insulation on walls and hemp blankets to keep you warm. Delicate handmade artworks are done not only on pillow covers, table mats but on all fabric you can imagine reflecting the tribal mithila artforms by local crafts-men and women.


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