Guiding Principles

Shah Hemp commits to implementing, developing and maintaining key metrics to assess the impact of the company’s Supplier Policies, Goals and Objectives initiative and to communicate the results of such impact measurement and management to stakeholders on a regular basis.

Highlights from our 2021 Supplier Code of Conduct

The provisions of this Code of Conduct set forth Shah Hemp expectations for all suppliers with whom it does business.

Shah Hemp expects that these principles apply to suppliers and their employees, parent, subsidiary or affiliate entities, and subcontractors. Prospective suppliers are invited to review the specific terms and conditions of contract and procurement policies established by Shah Hemp.

The provisions as set forth in this Code of Conduct provide the minimum standards expected of suppliers to Shah Hemp.

Shah Hemp expects suppliers to strive to exceed both international and industry best practices.

Shah Hemp recognizes that reaching some of the standards established in this Code of Conduct is a dynamic rather than static process and encourages suppliers to continually improve their workplace conditions accordingly.

Impact Preference: Shah Hemp provides preference to suppliers that have clear and achievable impact outcomes related to economic, social and environmental benefit.

Read our Full Supplier Code of Conduct


Shah Hemp hereby formally commits to prioritize suppliers who meet some or all of the following guidelines:

That the Company’s suppliers are:

  • Underrepresented members of the local communities where the company operates;
  • Mobilizing the local economy to ensure educational opportunities and access to food, shelter and basic needs. As such, suppliers are working towards: Sustainable Development Goal 2: No Hunger, Sustainable Development Goal Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality, Sustainable Development Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth and Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production;
  • Reducing the local carbon footprint by producing hemp materials and products;
  • Woman-owned businesses;
  • B Corporation certified;
  • Measure and manage their impact according to recognized third-party standards.

Technology Company Screening

Shah Hemp provides preference to technology companies and technology service providers that are/have:

  • Independently verified by a third-party for their commitment to positive social and environmental impact
  • Committed to positive social impact related to their Governance practices and their impact on their Workers
  • Published an impact report related to their economic, social and environmental performance
  • Established a clear Social Impact, Impact Investing, and/or Philanthropic program

In the absence of documentation and verifiable information related to the prioritization considerations outlined in this Article, Shah Hemp reserves the right to terminate the company’s business relationship with a technology company and/or technology service provider in favour of a supplier in this category that meets the standards outlined in this Article.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct for 2021

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