Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures

Our Story

Dhiraj K. Shah & Nivedita Bansal Shah founded Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures (SHIV) in Nepal on Sept. 2015.

Dhiraj is a wireless communication engineer by qualification but his knowledge & interests are not limited only to it. Since 2004, he has been personally researching on metaphysics, evolution of society, spirituality, optimum resource allocation and self-sustainability in the modern world.

Nivedita is a Psychologist who has been searching for the meaning of happiness. She is a life & relationship coach where she helps people find direction and purpose of life. She has the potential of making dreams come true.

SHIV is the manifestation of Dhiraj’s research on Cannabis Sativa Plant since 2004 and Nivedita’s quest for having a better quality of life not only for themselves but for community at large. 

With SHIV, we envision creating a sustainable socio-economic model with Cannabis as a main tool and developing the ecosystem around it.

Our Mission

To establish economical and sustainable model of living based on cannabis plant.


Sustainability, Empowerment, Quality, Innovation, Passion.


  1. To establish SHIV as a platform for industrial cannabis research & development.
  2. To promote environment friendly, sustainable & energy-efficient using the cannabis plant.
  3. To manufacture products of basic necessities and beyond with the cannabis plant.

Our Work Process

We work with the whole cannabis plant growing wild all over Nepal.

Our processes are designed for skill development. We engage unskilled men & women by assisting them in developing essential life skills.

We connect the local and global communities together for sustainable solutions.


We process the whole plant into various products through a small-scale processing facility.

hEmpowering Bottom-Up House #3, 2019

Our facilities are built with bamboo and hemp.


Our model is local, scalable, replicable hence mobilizing the economy.

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