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In collaboration with International Hemp Building Association (IHBA), we built our first hempcrete wall with Steve Allin in Feb. 2016 in Janakpur, Nepal (most likely the first one in Asia in modern times). To adapt to the local condition, we used bamboo structure to build the hemp wall.

Since 2016, we have been working extensively to adapt hempcrete to our climate and socio-economic conditions with local materials and skills calling it “SHIVCrete”.

We have used over 40,000 kg of wild cannabis stalks for our construction projects and until end of 2019 we have built 11,611 cu.ft. of hempcrete wall sequestering over 101,088 kg of CO2.

We provide a complete solution for natural construction incorporating hempcrete from planning to execution to final finishes.

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*as of Dec.2019

Our Services


Social Initiatives

Social Project providing shelter to the marginalized communities and relief support.

Natural Construction

We help with construction query, material estimation & consultation of natural building technology using SHIVCrete.

Training & Workshops

We provide training & workshops on natural construction and its complete ecosystem of sustainability for all ages, professions.

Projects & Innovation

Mentors & Supporters

Some legendary people who have worked on our construction sites. We have had the privilege to work, learn, experiment, adapt technologies with them.
Steve Allin and Dhiraj
Steve Allin
Wolf Jordan
Wolf Jordan
Laurent Goudet
Laurent Goudet
Gilbert Baumans
Gilbert Baumans
Enrico Caiolo
Enrico Caiolo

We have had the privilege to host legendary builders and plaster experts.

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