Hempcrete Construction

In 2016, we embarked on an exciting project in collaboration with the International Hemp Building Association (IHBA) to bring hempcrete construction to the forefront in Nepal. Our goal was to build the first hempcrete wall in Asia using local raw materials like hemp, hydrated lime, and bamboo.

With guidance from Steve Allin, a prominent figure in the hemp building industry, we were able to successfully construct the wall and jumpstart our journey into the world of hempcrete construction. Over the years, we have adapted to local building techniques and utilized the skills of local artisans and craftsmen to create sustainable solutions and products.

Our efforts have helped to re-introduce bamboo, hemp, clay, and lime construction as a modern and sustainable way of living in Nepal. To make this a reality, we have established a sustainable supply chain with local villagers and small suppliers to ensure the availability of raw materials and the technical know-how necessary to build with hemp.

Working with clients, architects, builders, engineers, masons, and local communities, we have been able to construct a wide range of structures in various climatic and social conditions, including the Langtang regions at an altitude of 4000m. Our supply chain and training program for building hempcrete houses offer our customers the chance to live in naturally insulated, toxin-free homes, free from harmful chemicals often used in construction.

A sustainable solution. First Hempcrete Wall in Nepal with Steve Allin in 2016.
Building a high-performance home using only your own hands, local resources, and community collaboration has revolutionized the concept of sustainable construction practices.
Dhiraj K. Shah

1st Hempcrete in Asia.

12,000 cu.ft Hempcrete Built

Built from 89m to 4200m

104,400 kg CO2 Sequestered

Hempcrete Adaptations

By Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures or our Clients.

Our Projects

Our Products


Surkhi Pro

A Natural Binder Additive.


Catalyst Pro

 A Hempcrete Additive

Render Pro

A Lime Plaster Additive


Hemp Shivs

A Natural Aggregate for monolithic construction.

Lime Putty

A Natural Binder ready to use.

Paint Pro

A Natural Paint based on Lime.

Our Services

Hempcrete training in Nepal

Off-Site Building Consultation

We provide expert advice and guidance on incorporating hempcrete into your project. Our Consultation services cover design, material selection, construction techniques and more.

On-Site Building Consultation

We will guide the client, engineer and construction team on how to build with Hempcrete and what to keep in mind while building to ensure a perfect outcome of the construction.


We help with research, thesis and dissertation writing, certification, and continuing education related to hempcrete and sustainable building. We work closely with clients to help them achieve their goals and support their journey towards a more sustainable future.

Lectures & Workshops

We offer lectures, presentations, and hands-on workshops for engineers, architects, builders, students, and enthusiasts. We cover a wide range of topics related to hempcrete and sustainable building practices to help you gain a deeper understanding of this innovative building material.

Mentors & Supporters

Some legendary people who have worked on our construction sites. We have had the privilege to work, learn, experiment, adapt technologies with them.
Steve Allin and Dhiraj
Steve Allin
Wolf Jordan
Wolf Jordan
Laurent Goudet
Laurent Goudet
Gilbert Baumans
Gilbert Baumans
Enrico Caiolo
Enrico Caiolo

We have had the privilege to host legendary builders and plaster experts.

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